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Jinseo Electronic, a leading provider of high-performance printed circuit board design (layout), prototyping, fabrication, and assembly, has set up a design center in Dalian, China since 2015. The office is conveniently located at Building 1, Shengming 3rd Road No. 27-1, DD port, Dalian, Liaoning and will enable Jinseo Electronic to provide professional PCB layout services to their growing number of domestic and international customers.

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    You can depend on us to be your PCB design expert. We will review your concept with you to produce the best possible PCB design for your needs, in the shortest time and at the lowest cost.

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    To optimize design intent communication and to minimize your data package preparation time, our designers can free review your projects before you decided to go design with us and provide you constructive suggestions for DFM and Cost-saving orientations.

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    You will have a PCB designer dedicated to your design unlike service bureaus that shuffle designers among projects. The next time you need a design, we leverage the people who already know your wants and needs saving time and money.

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    You get the benefits of a staff of seasoned PCB designers that average more than 15 years experience. This experience, combined with a unique PCB Design and Review Process, ensures you to get a design that matches your needs and is manufacturable at low costs.

JINSEO PCB Design and Layout Team

  • Professor/Director Wang

    Professor/Director Wang comes to Jinseo Electronic with more than 35 years of PCB design experience and has operated a successful PCB design service bureau for the past 20 years. During this time, he has gained experience in a wide range of PCB design requirements. Professor Wang specializes in high power, high speed differential impedance controlled routing, sensitive analog circuit layout, EMI protection, and fine pitch BGA layout all with an emphasis on design for manufacturability. Professor Wang has mastered great customer service skills and developed processes and procedures to get the job done efficiently and with the highest quality standards.

  • Senior Engineer Zhou

    Senior Engineer Zhou brings a wealth of technical knowledge to Jinseo Electronic with over 21 years of PCB experience. He has worked extensively with complex PCB boards in schematic capture and testing, including designing Mazada and Panasonic PCB boards at the PCB Design Bureau. His experience also includes working closely with board manufacturers and design engineers to resolve problems and boost efficiency. The wide knowledge base that Engineer Zhou has acquired enables him to quickly assess options and come up with the right solution.

  • Senior Engineer Sun

    Senior Engineer Sun a PCB designer brings nearly one and half decades of technical expertise in the design and fabrication of both industrial and consumer electronics. A senior level designer and CAD librarian with over 15 years of printed circuit layout background, she has designed complex, highly constrained PCBs for the home automation, networking, automotive medical and aerospace industries. She has extensive experience with many types of technologies including HDI, high voltage/high current power supplies, RF, high speed, digital/analog circuitry, tuned circuits, touchscreen technology and impedance controlled layouts. This experience allows her to routinely produce reliable, cost-effective designs which must meet stringent engineering and compliance requirements, often in fast paced, time-to- market environments. Sun’s broad knowledge of the PCB fabrication process allows her to provide comprehensive engineering support from concept to production with full compliance in design for manufacturability and testability.

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