Steps For Circuit Board Fabrication

Step 1: Front-end tool data preparation

Step 2: Preparing the phototools

Step 3: Print inner layers

Step 4: Etch inner layers

Step 5: Register punch and Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI)

Step 6: Lay-up and bond

Step 7: Drilling the PCB

Step 8: Electroless copper deposition

Step 9: Image the outer layers

Step 10: Plating

Step 11: Etch outer layers

Step 12: Apply soldermask

Step 13: RoHS-compliant surface finishes

Step 14: Silk-screen and cure

Step 15: Electrical test

Step 16: Profiling. -V-cut scoring

Step 17: Final inspection


How to Get A Quote ?

To ensure you receive an accurate PCB quote, make sure you provide:

1. PCB project files (Gerbers, NC Drill Files, Tool Size Report, or any CAD format in one zip file to ensure file integrity)

2. Both a PCB detail with all of the critical information and a fab drawing (neither of which are mandatory but probably should be). Please check PCB_quote_form for the critical information. 

3. Any specifications that are outside industry standard or any special requirements, i.e. hole tolerance +/- .003’’(less than standard .006’’), Minimum trace/space .003’’(less than standard .004’’); Impendance control trace

4. Your quantity and lead-time requirement

Upon receiving the request, our sales representatives will prepare a detailed quotation.

It is recommended to ask us to quote the different PCB quantities of your interest to choose the best price options.

One of the challenges of any PCB manufacturer is providing quote responses which are easily understood, provide all the relevant detail required and help the reader quickly and fairly evaluate their offering. At Jinseo Electronic, our quote sheets are constantly evolving and in some cases have been developed to be customer specific. The quoting process can be as personal or as formal as you require.


How to Place An Order?

Placing an order for printed circuit boards can be done via email. We need: 

· Your Gerber and Excellon (or NC drill) files in a single zipped file

· Your contact information including Billing and Shipping addresses

· The quantity you require

Please note that your gerber or CAD format file may not contain all required information such as board thickness, surface finishing, layer stackup or else. That is why we recommend to send us order form with more PCB parameters.

After receiving the PCB order our engineers will make the preliminary check of the project data and then will start the preparation for production. If there will be some technical suggestions at these stages, we will contact you to discuss the details. We always perform 100% input data control and design rules check to avoid the potential problems and to improve the quality of final product.

Upon completion of the pre-production procedures, we will inform you about expected delivery date.

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