Turnkey Assembly

We offer full turnkey and partial turnkey assembly services. Whether you supply the parts or we do, our certified soldering technicians along with our flexible automated assembly equipment can turn out a quality product quickly. 

Full Turnkey

The entire process—including producing circuit boards and sourcing all parts (components) will be handled by us, finding the right components, ordering them and tracking their arrival, ensuring the correct quantity and parts are received, the SMT stencil, assembly, quality inspection and final shipment.

Partial Turn-Key

Customers with proprietary or hard to find components are able to ship us those parts directly and we’ll take care of the rest with our partial turn-key service: producing circuit boards, finding the rest components, ordering them and tracking their arrival, ensuring the correct quantity and parts are received, the SMT stencil, assembly, quality inspection and final shipment.

Who Use Turnkey Assembly Service?

Turnkey PCB assembly is perfect for startups and small businesses that want to bring their products to market without the cost and risk of large inventories. It is also great for Kickstarter creators who may not know if they’ll need only a few boards, or hundreds. Hobbyists and makers also enjoy the speed and flexibility of instant PCB production. Even engineers at large organizations find it to be easier and faster than traditional sources.

The benefits of our turn-key PCB assembly service

· We will take care of managing multiple vendors, pieces or parts.

· We will take hassles away from your order before production starts.

· Our factories produce your bare boards with high quality and fast lead time, and we have key partnerships with industry-leading part vendors.


· Our components experts (engineers) will order the right number of parts and select the right vendors according to your order quantity to prvent any delays. 

· Considering your cost and quantity limitations, we are trying our best to make anyone with a design can bring their new idea to life quickly and affordably.

· Price includes shipping from all vendors.

Reliable Distributors

We works with a network of the best U.S. electronics suppliers to source some or all of your parts kit.

· Digikey

· Mouser Electronics

· Arrow Electronics

· Avnet

· Newark Element14

PCB Assembly Quality Control

· IPC Workmanship and ISO9001 Standards

Every PCB and electronic assembly is produced under the control of our ISO9001 quality management system. All workmanship is qualified to IPC-A-600 (for acceptance of printed wiring boards) & 610 (acceptability of electronic assemblies) with 2 internal accredited Certified IPC trainers and assembly technicians operating to IPC-A-600 & 610 standards. 

· Components Quality control

To make sure the components to be used are good quality, incoming parts inspection is fulfilled by our highly skilled and trained engineers. 

· 100% E-Test

100% electrically tested. In addition to our visual inspection and process checks we can also provide a full electrical testing solution for both bare boards and fully assembled products. 

· Automatic Optical Inspection (A.O.I)

The latest surface mount assembly machines will check that the part used in the assembly process matches its specification and, when the PCB is populated, high speed Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) machines can verify that the part fitted to the PCB is in the right place and matches not only the specification but is also soldered correctly.

· 100% ESD controlled

· X-ray inspection

BGA components are X-rayed to verify placement accuracy and to detect any solder bridges.

How to Get A Quote ?

· CAD-Generated BOM List in .xls, .xlsx, .csv, or tab-delimited text document (the information should be in a machine-readable format). The BOM needs reference designators, value, package/decal, description, and (manufacturer) part number. Learn how to do BOMs right here.

· Gerber files as generated by your CAD program.  For any side with SMT parts we need three layers: copper, paste, and silkscreen (lengend).

· Your quantity and lead-time requirement.

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