15 years experience design, prototype, and production PCBsolution for designers engineers.




Efficient, Cost Effective and Reliable PCB Layout Designs, Done right the first time. Our Professional Design Option Generates the Fewest Layers and Lowest Manufacturing Cost -  especially valuable for your long production runs.

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Services & Capabilities

We offer a full range of PCB Products and Services to help you take your PCB projects from concept to completion.

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The Right Process for Each Phase of Your Product Lifecycle

Proven Engineering Processes That Solve Your Time and Budget Constraints on Product Development and Manufacturing.

Rule Driven Design to meet your design characteristics including signal integrity issues.

PCB layout check list will help you to identify these basic layout requirements that we need to comply with your requirements. 

Our experienced CAM station engineers carefully checks your design with Design Rule Check (DRC) before production of your circuit boards or SMD-Stencils even begins. 

Our manufacturing processes can support a seamless transition to volume production while continuing to driving down your fabrication cost.

Our PCB assembly is fully integrated with PCB design and PCB Manufacturing Services. These integrated services are intended to provide a full function contract manufacturing service to reduce time and lower cost.

Our Internal Systems and Process are Focused on Eliminating Defect Opportunities.

Our Engineering Team Works with Your Team to Analyze Your Design For Issues That Can Add Cost, Lead-Time to Your Product.  

PCB Design Engineering Center

10+ excellent in-House layout engineers with more than 15 years average design experience

55+ Countries Layout Design Projects have been successfully fulfilled

In-House Automated PCB prototyping SMT Facilities makes prototypes (low-volume) fast and cost effective

JINSEO Designers provides QC support for first article inspection of new circuit board designs for manufacturing

JINSEO Engineers conducts free Design Rule Check (DRC) and Design for Manufacturing (DFM) Check

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Comprehensive Manufacturing Solutions

Quick turn PCB manufacturing line

Flying Probe Testing



Our state-of-the-art facility uses the latest SMT and THT equipment to manufacture quality and reliable products cost-effectively and timely for our customers.

Automatic Testing Machine

Functional Testing with Testing Jig

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Very, very impressed, a nice Chinese company, they offer a complete personal service. They have been trying to help and moving things to accommodate you. Once they provided me with a coupleoffree prototypes that led to new business.

– Brad from LightMySafe

Dalian JINSEO Electronic Technology has reliably provided high quality circuit design work with quickturnarounds. Customer service has been excellent and they have been transparent and fair with theirpricing. We look forward to continue working with Hans and his team for our PCB design and manufacturing needs in the future.

– Daryl from Plenoptika

They offer a competitive price, a quality product, are efficient and very glad to help.

– Paul from INNOVATEST

We count with thousands of fully satisfied customers…

  • LightMySafe - the Best Gun Safe Lighting Solution on the Market today.

  • INNOVATEST is a world market leader in the design, manufacture, supply and service of a quality range of hardness testing instruments, systems, software and accessories.

  • Plenoptika – An Eye-care instruments inventor and maker that makes eye care easy for anyone who needs it in the United States, and accessible to underserved and low-resource communities worldwide.

  • Mazda – We are awarded as a reliable Printed circuit board supplier for the electronic systems that operate in the automobile.

  • Panasonic –We provide PCB boards to the Panasonic Research Center in China.

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