Again and Again, until you are satisfied

In the first PCB Layout, we found that there were errors in the schematic diagram provided by the customer, Timely feedback, the customer modified the schematic diagram.

Because the customer needs this project to have requirements on the size of the PCB board, and at the same time needs to pass through a very large current, we try to increase the thickness of the board, copper thickness, and the artificial welding flying line on the back of the board, to ensure the current through.

In the process of component selection, according to the BOM provided by the customer, we have given certain suggestions, which can save a certain space and cost.

In the first test, we found that the test method provided by the customer could not achieve the desired effect.

Engineers from the technical department met together to study how they could meet the requirements of customers while reducing layout and labor. In the process, we also actively communicate with customers. Finally, work out new solutions and feedback to customers. They were satisfied and revised the schematic diagram again.

In the second proofing, the customer proposed to use a small-size shell, which would be more conducive to local sales. But in this case, the size of the board will be smaller and still need to pass a large current. This adds a certain degree of difficulty to the design. And if the batch continues to do the flying line, there is no doubt that a lot of labor costs and time costs will be wasted.

Therefore, the personnel of the technical, production, and welding departments was convened to study together for this project, and the layout was repeatedly modified. Finally, a good solution was studied.

Fortunately, the proofing was very successful. Not only meet the needs of customers, but also reduce costs. They are very satisfied.

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