Rigid-Flex Power Distribution Control Circuits Application


A contract manufacturing company needed help improving the quality and supply chain reliability of Rigid-Flex PCB for a power distribution control circuit application. The product had been in production already but had issues with circuit failure. The existing Rigid-Flex Circuit Design also did not meet IPC standards for materials and construction. A solution was needed that solved these problems while maintaining existing price targets at the same time.




Online pcb design.png 

The failures that plagued the previous rigid-flex circuits design were caused by using outdated methods to produce new designs. Jinseo revised the designs and updated methods to meet the current IPC-2223C standards while utilizing cost-effective materials to keep the price down. The resulting Rigid-flex Product was high-quality and reliable. Jinseo also performed technical sessions with both the customer and the end-user to inform them of the benefits of the new rigid-flex circuit design.



The end-user implemented Jinseo's new and reliable revised rigid-flex circuit design into its current and new part numbers. They no longer have issues with circuit failure.

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