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  • High qualified layout engineers, with average over 35 years’ experience, among which are senior engineers with over 15 years’ experience

  • Package engineer, layout engineer, EMI engineer, EMC engineer, the stone of profession

  • Perfect process, experienced team, good technology, promised quality

  • PCB layout, fabrication, assembly, one-stop, on-time deliver

PCB Design Software

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At Jinseo Electronic, we apply Altium Designer software to fulfill PCB designs. If you use another software platform however, we seek to fulfill your needs and expectations, not force you into ours! We can support your designs in the PCB design software format of your choice and we have experience translating between most popular data formats as you may require. Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we may best fulfill your needs.

Whether your project entails high-speed constraint-driven requirements, routing, or basic I/O, our engineers, and technical staff has the expertise to deliver comprehensive designs that are top quality, well-managed, and on-time. During the development of your product, our Printed Circuit Board designers will work closely with our electrical and mechanical engineers to ensure that the placement of parts meets both circuit and mechanical architecture needs.

We also work closely with manufacturers and we understand the importance of starting the design for manufacturability (DFM) early as to reduce manufacturing costs and produce a higher quality product. So that we can provide a printed circuit board design that supports efficient assembly and testing with high yields during production.

PCB Design Capabilities

  • IPC CID/CID+ accredited designers

  • Flexible schedule

  • Rigid and flexible circuit board technologies

  • Multi-layer boards up to 40

  • Unusual PCB shapes

  • Design for EMC/EMI

  • High-speed signal design

  • Differential impedance control

  • Fine pitch BGA layout

  • High current/voltage designs

  • Sensitive analog circuits

  • Design for manufacturability (DFM)

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