PCB Design Quality Control

We adhere to the best printed circuit board design practices in all stages of our PCB layout process. The result produces circuit boards with the optimized placement of critical components for robust performance and manufacturability in high volume.

Pototype Board Layout.png

We have extensive experience in creating RoHS compliant designers for new layouts and conversions of existing assemblies. Also, ask about our reverse engineering capabilities, as we can convert an existing board assembly without documentation into a complete and functional database.

In addition, all of our designers are well trained in design for manufacturing and design for the best test results.

  • Industry-leading software

  • Artwork and documentation deliverables conform to IPC standards

  • High-quality craftsmanship

  • Experienced design engineers

  • Enhanced design validation through extensive use of interactive design rule and design constraints tools

  • Provide high-quality check plots for design review

  • Design checklist for design verification

  • Experienced design engineers

Both reliability and cost concerns drive Jinseo Circuit designers to emphasize design for manufacturability with special attention throughout the design to details such as

  • Reduce Number of Layers

  • Reduce Number of Vias

  • Reduce Number of holes Sizes and Via Types

  • Accurate Land Pattern Generation

  • Parts Placement and Routing Appropriate to the Assembly and Reflow Methods used

  • Ongoing Cooperation with selected PCB Manufacturer

  • Design checklist for design verification

  • Experienced design engineers

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