• Q: Are my design files safe when I submit them to you for manufacturing?


    We respect customer's copyright and will never manufacture PCBs for someone else with your files unless we receive written permission from you, nor we will share these files with any other 3rd parties.

  • Q: How are my total costs determined?


    There are many factors in play for determining the total cost of a PCB orders. The primary factors are:

    Size and number of PCBs produced.

    Amount of layers (single or multi-layered)

    Utilization of panels: the utilization of PCBs vary, but generally they are 50 to 80 percent. This amount of utilization affects your costs.

    Holes and Drilling Time: PCB holes are drilled using expensive Numerical Control (NC) drilling machines. Therefore, more holes requires more time and costs.

    Size of Holes: different hole-sizes required a re-tooling of the drilling machinery, which takes time and adds to the total cost. So, PCBs with fewer sizes of holes can be drilled at less cost than those PCBs with many different sizes of holes. Tool changes can be a time consuming process. The drilling speeds are typically at 80,000 rpm/min. At this high RPM, it takes time for the machine spindle to come to rest before the tool can be changed. Once the tool is changed the machine must be ramped up to the high operating speed again. In general, the time it takes to change a tool equals the time it takes to drill up to 200 holes. You can save money by designing for manufacturing. Selecting hole sizes with only a nominal difference in diameter (mils) can pass tolerances and save you money.

    Type of Board Laminate: FR-4 has superior characteristics but costs twice as much as FR-2. Consumer electronics PCBs continue to use the traditional with FR-2 laminates because of the cost savings.

    Spacing and Trace width specifications: the size of your spacing an trace width specifications direly affect the production yield, which, in turn, determines your costs. Wide traces (greater than 20 mils) can save money since they can be produced by etch-resist, single silk screen printing in lieu of dry film lamination, exposure and developing.

    Special PCB specifications: a variety of unique specifications can affect the manufacturing field, which determines your costs. For example, controlled impedances, among others.

  • Q: How fast can you get a quote after submitting an inquiry?


    We will on receipt of your file evaluate in 6 hours for standard spec PCB. But if PCB special,evaluation will be longer. Please note that the following detail will speed up evaluation:


    Board thickness:Copper thickness:Surface finish:

    Solder mask color:Silkscreen color:

    What is our Warranty on PCBs?

  • Q: What do I need to request a quote?


    1.For a PCB design quote:

    Your function requirements or Engineering notes or Schematic Diagram Schedule requirement

    2. For a PCB board fabrication quote:

    Gerber data

    PCB fabrication notes

    array drawing data

    Quantity and Schedule Requirements 

    3. For a PCB assembly quote

    BOM (Bill of Materials)

    Centroid data

    Gerber files

    Quantity and Schedule Requirements

  • Q: What are your PCB assembly quality standards?


    We manufacture PCBs to meet IPC-A-610 Class 2 specifications as the default, supported by inspection and test criteria established by IPC.

    Any further question, welcome to contact our sales person by sending inquiry. Your satisfaction is our pleasure.

  • Q: Do you check my manufacture data?


    Yes. We check your artwork based on documents you sent to us. We do provide some suggestions to you,free of charge if you need, on our design rules such as increasing clearance, trace width or pad size to decrease cost or make your ordered boards within our manufacturing capability. But it is still up to you to make decision.

  • Q: Do you produce only prototypes or l can order production quantities from you too?


    We can manufacture PCBs in any volume.

  • Q: Can you assemble and solder my prototype boards? Is there minimum order quantity for assembly?


    Yes, we can assemble and solder your prototype boards. There is no minimum order quantity.

  • Q: Can I order electronics components only?


    Yes, we can. JINSEO provides a unique component sourcing service to support our customer's needs and to compliment our in-house PCB manufacture & assembly services.

  • Q: What do you require in order to produce an assembly quotation?


    Bill of materials (BOM) detailing the components to be fitted to the PCB with the manufacturers parts numbers and the components suppliers' parts number (e.g. Farnell, RS, Digi-key). PCBA sample photos if possible. By allowing us to see the product pictures it will help us to give you the quotation faster In addition to the above, we would need details of approximate order volumes and a desired delivery schedule.


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