PCB Fabrication

It is a popular saying “Made in China, Bad Quality”. And we were tired of the poor customer service and PCB board quality from other PCB companies in the industry. To change this perception of the world, every day we do our best to exceed our customer’s expectations by providing exceptional personal customer service and competitively priced high-quality printed circuit boards that are delivered on time.

PCB Capabilities Process

Our Printed Circuit Board fabrication services include a wide variety of densities, layer counts, materials, processes and finishes.

  • Printed Circuit Boards up to 40 layers

  • 3 mil traces and 3 mil spaces 3mil

  • Minimum drill size 8-mil

  • Blind and Buried Via

  • Controlled Impedance

  • High temperature, high-frequency material

  • Rogers and other special materials

  • RoHs Compliant RoHS

  • ISO9001 and UL certified

Please review the Rigid PCB, Flex & Flex-Rigid PCB fabrication process listed below. However, keep in mind that we are in the process of updating all our PCB manufacturing capabilities. Use the below capabilities as the “minimum case scenario” for what we are able to manufacture.

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Special PCB Fab

Right now, we can make various special printed circuit boards, but not limited to:

  • Extra Thin PCB

For extra thin PCB, we can make it at 0.10mm, 0.15mm, 0.20mm, 0.25mm, 0.30mm, with or without the solder mask, and copper thickness 1/2OZ, 1OZ. Extra thin FR4 PCB can be bendable similar to a flexible circuit, but more rigid, and cost will be lower, compared with the same copper traces.

  • High Tg PCB

The Tg value of board material is 170~210 Degree. The Tg value of the normal FR4 board is about 130~150 Degree.

  • Impedance controlled PCB

50 ohms, 100 ohms, in outer or/and inner layer and tolerance can be +/-10%.

  • Heavy Copper PCB

Copper weight is 4~10 OZ/ft2, and 20~200 OZ/ft2 refers to an extreme heavy copper printed circuit board.

  • High-Frequency RF Boards

RF board us Rogers, Taconic or other high-frequency materials and normally, the frequency is between 300MHz ~ 3GHz, or much bigger.


With buried & blind via, drill layer up like 1-2-1, or 2-4-2, need laser drilling, and PTH <=0.1mm.

  • Carbon ink PCB

The resistance of carbon can be normal as 100 ohms, 500 ohms, or as high as to 10,000~500,000 ohms.

  • Ceramic PCB

It has excellent high pressure, high insulation, high frequency, high temperature, and high reliable and minor volume electronic.

  • Metal Core (MC) PCB

Single Layer MCPCB, Chip-on-board (COB) MCPCB, Double Layers MCPCB, Double Sided MCPCB, Multi Layers MCPCB.

  • Others

For any other special request or demand, please contact us directly. We will try our best to fulfill it.

Quality Guaranteed & Money Refund Policy

Our quality management system is designed to provide satisfaction for our customers with defect-free circuit boars that conform to their requirements and are delivered on time. We are committed to quality and the achievement of excellence throughout all company activities.

Based on our strict quality control system, we are so confident in our product that will guarantee money-back for any defective products. We will re-fabricate the boards for free or make a refund for no reason.  We warrant its bare boards against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of 90 days from date of shipment (”Warranty Period”).

Reaching customers satisfaction is our priority. A team of professional staff will support you patiently and responsibly. Our mission is to assist our customers to fulfill their requirements to reach a goal of 100% customer satisfaction, to become your best partner in PCB business.

How to Get A Quote ?

To ensure you receive an accurate PCB quote, make sure you provide:

  1. PCB project files (Gerbers, NC Drill Files, Tool Size Report, or any CAD format in one zip file to ensure file integrity)

  2. Both a PCB detail with all of the critical information and a fab drawing (neither of which are mandatory but probably should be).

  3. Any specifications that are outside industry standard or any special requirements, i.e. hole tolerance +/- .003’’(less than standard .006’’), Minimum trace/space .003’’(less than standard .004’’); Impendance control trace

  4. Your quantity and lead-time requirement

Upon receiving the request, our sales representatives will prepare a detailed quotation.

It is recommended to ask us to quote the different PCB quantities of your interest to choose the best price options.

One of the challenges of any PCB manufacturer is providing quote responses which are easily understood, provide all the relevant detail required and help the reader quickly and fairly evaluate their offering. At Jinseo Electronic, our quote sheets are constantly evolving and in some cases have been developed to be customer specific. The quoting process can be as personal or as formal as you require.

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