Electronic Components Sourcing

Our team of Sourcing and Procurement specialists is able to speed through the process of finding the right electronic components, source any PCB parts you need for your project through our network of trusted distribution partners. With our expertise and long-term partnerships, we guarantee the parts we source will work.

Customers with proprietary or hard to find components are able to ship us those parts directly and we’ll take care of the rest with our partial turn-key service.

Reliable Distributors

We work with a network of the best U.S. electronics suppliers to source some or all of your parts kit.

  • Digikey

  • Mouser Electronics

  • Arrow Electronics

  • Avnet

  • Newark Element14

Strategic Sourcing

Besides quality assurance on circuit board parts, saving time and lowering costs through strategic sourcing will support our customers’ focus ONLY on electronic engineering and design.

  • Quality Focus

  • Time-saving Focus

  • Cost-saving Focus

  • Hassle-free Focus

  • Hard-to-find Focus

Sends Failure

Sends Success

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